Just Go Shoot

April was a fairly busy month but we did manage to go for a bike ride on one of the warmer days and we went for a few drives to go exploring. Many times, "just go shoot" simply means carrying your camera at all times and taking snaps during daily life. There are a few pictures in this bunch taken during the walk from the car to our new office building.


My band, Government Town, was nominated for a Saskatchewan Country Music Award. The awards were held in Saskatoon, so it was exciting to go, for many reasons. We stayed in a loft above a home through Airbnb and it was quite wonderful to take pictures up there. We went for supper and drinks with the band before the awards and spent the next day exploring and taking pictures. 

Aurora on Film

Aurora hunting isn't anything new for us, but since starting to shoot on film, I had not attempted a shot of the northern lights on film. It was intimidating to not have a digital gauge at how well I was exposing, composing and focusing but I was willing to take that risk. My favorite shot (first one in this series) turned out to be a bit by accident as a car had approached the church, casting a light. The cars lights lit the front of the church and the aurora glowed nicely in the background. I cut the shot short when the car was almost in frame and it turned out to be the best exposure of them all.

buffalo pound

Herry had been wanting to see Buffalo Pound and we finally ended up going out there and were pleased to see the Buffalo out. Some were standing in the field and others were drinking and playing by the feeding trolly. The babies were my absolute favorite. I always marvel at the joy young creatures take in life. Their innocence is refreshing.

Afterward, we managed to find a boardwalk over a beautiful marsh. Dustin had been searching for this boardwalk for years and it was quite hidden. 

We finished the trip off with a stop in Moose Jaw to have milkshakes. Mmmm...

Grandma D's

My brother, Angelo, and his girlfriend, Melissa, were at Mom's on the one day we were visiting. It was nice to catch a few snaps of them. You can see some of the greenery was starting to come in.

Herry and Sara

Herry and Sara, quite possibly the best adventure-buddies, joined us for some fun during April. Herry always shares the snacks he brings along from his trips to India. Hanging with them lends itself to many laughs and they also help to keep us apprised of all the "young lingo". Herry tells me I have "Dad jokes". I suppose I do make a lot of poop jokes.


While waiting for the warmer weather, I decorated the balcony with these artificial flowers in yellow vases gifted to me from my mom. They were originally my grandmothers. Felix, of course, joined in the fun.


April was a bit hectic for work. We moved into our new office building in the heart of downtown which meant expensive parking, new restaurants and shops and loud construction finishing up while we settled in. For Dustin and I, of course, this meant we had new surroundings to explore and shoot on our walks to and from the car! This is evident in many of the pictures we took.

Dustin's Photos of Me

As many times as you see Dustin in my photos, there is an equal amount of pictures he's taken of me (if not, more). It's interesting to see the photographer, behind the scenes. It's even more interesting to see the changes that can show in a person, even if it's just from one month to the next.

Dustin is my inspiration for creativity. He's so passionate about photography, he actually develops and prints his own film and, thankfully, he develops and scans my film, too!

Visit Dustin's portfolio to see more of his work.