Just Go Shoot

February wasn't as cold as we're used to in Saskatchewan. Not having to brave -50 Celsius was a welcome break but it did give a sense of eeriness. Global warming is in the news all the time and when a province experiences record-breaking warmth, we all secretly worry.

It did allow for some great adventures, however.

There is something incredible about getting out in the open air, especially if it means going for a nice drive on the highway. We both spend our weekdays in an office (the same office, as it were). This gives us a chance to go for lunch walks downtown, though sometimes an adventure for us is going downtown on a weekend and walking around the nearly deserted core.

In February, the sun sets relatively early. Since we get off work at 3 (we are early risers), this gives time to eat, relax a bit and then head out for some adventure, if we're feeling it that night. 

The weekends are another story. We're often heading out for every sunrise and sunset, usually finding a new place each time, though having an open field at the edge of the city next to our apartment definitely helps for those days/nights when we see a beautiful sky and just want to have a quick adventure. 

February took us to Buffalo Pound, Bushwakker, the old Cinema 6 drive-in on Highway # 6, downtown YQR, the Regina Public Library and Les Sherman Park in Regina's Cathedral area.

The photos of the old vehicles with bullet-holes in the windshield came from a visit to Odd Man Out, a performance shop owned by a couple of friends of ours. After a drumming session near there, we took some photos in an adjacent lot with some very decrepit vehicles. 

Buildings and Trees

I developed a bit of an obsession with buildings and trees in February. Walks downtown took on a new flavor as I found new ways to look at buildings I've known for decades. I found cutting the details of the street off and just showing the trees and buildings, simplified the pictures and made for more drama. 


We went to Cuba with nearly 300  coworkers, their spouses/family and significant others. We spent some time poolside, went for a few excursions, had dinner at an elegant outdoor theater and rode scooters to the town of Varadero.

Cuba operates under socialist system, meaning basic needs are generally provided for. Doctors make as much as the guy selling excursion packages on the beach. In many cases, the tourism industry makes more than the health industry. 

Cuba felt very laid back, to me. The sense of urgency you typically see in economic systems where it is "every man for himself" wasn't present in Cuba. The resort workers didn't seem very interested in providing the best service in order to get the best tip. It was kind of refreshing, honestly. 

The morning "coffees with milk" were the absolute best on the resort. and taking pictures was a real treat, as well. Their architecture and automobiles show the lack of imports in as many decades and they seem to be stuck in the 50s. It is evident that their restoration projects have required locally sourced materials along with a bit of innovation.

And the water, oh the water. It was turquoise and the sand was white and soft. I can imagine it between my toes, right now.

Grandma D's

Grandma "D" is actually my mom, Debbie. My late niece, Alexandra, coined the name when she was young and she and Grandma D would hang out. Now, to any grandchild, grand-pet or sometimes just for the heck of it, we call her Grandma D. 

It is hard to describe my fondness of my mother without going into a long, long, long heart-felt explanation of how amazing she is but I'll say this: she raised three children on her own, with a mental illness, and without a lot of money but she taught us to love more than most people do. She loves everything she touches, many times putting herself last in order to do so. 

Her home is evidence of her great ability love. She has plants, flowers, fish, Britty (golden retriever) and Angel (kitty). Everyone who visits there feels a sense of calm and welcoming. It really is a sanctuary, one I've used many times to find peace. I try to visit every few days. It is hard to go for more than a day without a talking to my mom. We are very close.


We moved to our current home in November 2014. We love it so much. On the edge of the city, we have a balcony that lets us see stunning sunsets and the open concept lets us always be together. Considering we work and live together, you'd think we'd want some space but somehow we still miss each other when we're only away for small bits of time.

Felix is our talkative, cuddly-only-when-he-wants-to-be kitty. We love him so much and take more pictures of him than is probably healthy. :P

In February, a long-time friend of mine came for a visit. Nicole and I were in high school together and, though we were rivals for top grades, we managed to spark a very close friendship. She grew up with two sisters and often had bags and bags of clothes to offer me after she would do a clean of her closet. 

For old-times sake, she came over, we drank a bottle of wine and laughed at some of our old ridiculous outfits. I love how we can pick up where we left off. I know lots of people say they have that with friends and it almost sounds cliche. But, truly, I almost forgot the person I am with her and both of us were basically winded from how much we laughed that night. 

Never underestimate the powerful memories that bind you to people you love. :)


This is an interesting combination of pictures for work. The one with the blinds is from our old office building, near downtown. In February, we were still working out of that office and preparing for our move in March. Our weekend adventures and lunch-time walks, however, often took us to our new office building, even before we moved in there. Everyone calls it the "Canada Goose Building" for obvious reasons. 

Dustin's photos of me

As many times as you see Dustin in my photos, there is an equal amount of pictures he's taken of me (if not, more). It's interesting to see the photographer, behind the scenes. It's even more interesting to see the changes that can show in a person, even if it's just from one month to the next.

Dustin is my inspiration for creativity. He's so passionate about photography, he actually develops and prints his own film and, thankfully, he develops and scans my film, too!

Visit Dustin's portfolio to see more of his work.