Saying Goodbye

On March 21st my niece, Alexandra, passed away after a life-long battle with a rare brain-disorder. The funeral that followed brought many people, who had gone separate ways in life, back together. It was the first time in a long time both of my brothers, my Mom and my Dad were in the same room, much less the same table. It was nice.

Funerals always bring an overwhelming mix of emotions and watching my brother in pain was the hardest part. The children at the funeral had no filter of "adulthood" to stop them from being themselves. You can see my nephew, Jackson, and I had a bit of fun during the reception. He picked out his very own bow-tie. Such a special guy. 

Rest in peace, sweet Alexandra.

Expired Film Day

I'd like to blame the expired film for how poorly some of these pictures turned out, but it really came down to low-light and believing I could manage 1/8 shutter speed with a squirmy cat. March 15th was named, "Expired Film Day" and we celebrated with a few rolls of, well, expired film. Our adventures took us for a drive on the highway and, of course, back home to our sweet, Felix. <3


Dustin's Mom, Connie, welcomes us often for supper. Mocha likes to pose for pictures to show off his pretty blue eyes.

Snow Day

We had all been talking about missing the usual snow we get in winter and Mother Nature was more than happy to help us out. One day, there was no snow and, within a few hours, we were left with what you see in these pictures. Dustin and I took our lunch break to capture some pictures. It always amazes me how ready people are for snow when it comes. Resilience, for the win.

Within a couple of days, all of this snow was gone. 


Grandma D's 

The roll I shot at Mom's in March had an interesting green hue to it. I'm not sure what happened. It could have been anything from the film, itself, the development process or the scanning. In any case, I don't mind an interesting looking result. Unexpected surprises, good and bad, are another reason to love film. :)

Taking pictures at Grandma D's this time of year is always interesting. We get that sense of anticipation as the weather starts to warm up and the plants from the year before sit dried up in their pots, waiting for new, lush plants. The transformation Mom does for her yard during the spring/summer/fall always makes me admire how much work and care she puts into the things she loves. Such a nurturing and loving woman! <3

One of my favorite pictures in the series is the picture of Mom and Dustin in the kitchen window. It's amazing to see Dustin join the familiar story of watching my mom at the kitchen sink, humming to herself and silhouetted with her many plants and trinkets. It makes my heart happy.


Visit with Dad

Dad spent the last summer (2015) building a beautiful greenhouse and he and Lu (his lady-friend), invited me for some birthday cake. He takes me out to the greenhouse every time I visit to show me the progress, the plants and all of the cool structural stuff that goes into keeping it warm in there. I get a lot of my looks from my pop. I love him so much. He has the enthusiasm and heart of a child. 




March is the month of mud. We have beautiful sunsets/sunrises in Saskatchewan and, since the weather finally permits, heading out into a field to capture a nice shot is something that happens regularly. As you can see, some of our shoes tend to suffer because of it.

Our balcony is a little sanctuary. Sometimes it looks so peaceful out there and I try to capture that feeling in my pictures. 

My dreams have been taking me back to my childhood home and neighbourhood, recently, and the details of my dreams are blurring with reality and I honestly can't really remember quite how things looked in that old duplex and in that time of my life. I have driven down my old street and can't believe how small everything looks. It all looks so different. 

I like taking pictures of home to help me remember these sweet details at a later time. 

The pictures of Felix under the light are on our counter tops at night. We have tear-drop lights that hang down and he really likes to sit under them and watch tv and/or meow at us.





March was our last month in our old office building on Cornwall St. There was excitement mixed with anxiety and chaos. On the last day, I took more pictures than normal, documenting the emptiness of some of the common areas and I also asked my Team Lead, James, to pose for a few reflection photos. 

Just Go shoot

We go to Lumsden, often. It is only 25 minutes from the city and, when we take the old highway to get there, we find ourselves crossing a bridge on a dirt road. A small body of water runs through and the bridge sits at the lowest point of the winding road. There is a sweet farmyard adjacent to the bridge and horses are usually grazing. In March, we decided to go right under the bridge and, it was a treat.

March also gave us the opportunity to dine out a couple times, explore new places for sunset/sunrise and do some downtown shots, 

Dustin's photos of me

As many times as you see Dustin in my photos, there is an equal amount of pictures he's taken of me (if not, more). It's interesting to see the photographer, behind the scenes. It's even more interesting to see the changes that can show in a person, even if it's just from one month to the next.

Dustin is my inspiration for creativity. He's so passionate about photography, he actually develops and prints his own film and, thankfully, he develops and scans my film, too!

Visit Dustin's portfolio to see more of his work.