Ball Season

It's hard to explain the love I have for my nephews. They're not my own children, but they are my own blood. I love watching them learn and grow. Jackson took a particular interest in photography while we watched Eric play. 


One of our favourite meals, Connie's fried chicken, gets us over for a visit in a heartbeat. The roll of film I took over that day ended up with a strange effect on it. You can see the particles on top of the pictures, casting shadows across the images. 

Connie is a master of growing hens and chicks, a succulent I am all-too-talented at killing. They say these are the easiest kinds of plants to care for. Go figure. 


The blooms in the city during May were intoxicating for me this year. Perhaps it's my interest in photography, or perhaps it is my age, but I've never taken such avid notice of the variety and beauty of flowers out there. They come and go quickly, so I may have overdone it on the pictures, and there really is no end in sight. 

Grandma D's

My mom always inspires me to love vegetables. She hums in her kitchen as she cuts massive amounts of vegetables to be able to quickly assemble salads, as she wishes. The day before Mother's Day, I sat down with her outside and enjoyed one of her home-made salads. It was delicious and I always love watching my mom, sitting in her beautiful yard, enjoying the last sun of the day.

We've made it a tradition to go shopping for flowers in May. The deal is, she picks out whatever she wants and I buy. We do this in lieu of traditional Mother's Day celebrations. I have come to really love those shopping trips. She teaches me so much about types of flowers and how they need to be cared for. If I ever have a daughter, I hope we can bond in similar ways. 


Dustin and I spend endless hours preparing for art shows and doing photo shoots in May. In the midst of all the chaos, Mom came for a visit one day. She ate watermelon and got to see how much Felix has grown. She loves all of her grand-children, even the furry ones.

With my flowers finally planted on the balcony, I enjoy going out daily to check the watering needs and especially love sitting out there after the sun has gone down with a candle lit. 

Just Go Shoot

Regina Beach, Buffalo Pound, Smitty's, Lumsden, Wascana Park - it was a busy month of adventure.

Pete's Shoot

Pete is always a pleasure to take photos of. I can't say enough good things about this man. As a realtor, goes above and beyond for his clients. 

At this shoot, we did our best to get the most genuine smiles out of him. I think it worked. ;)

Preparing for the Show

To get ready for our June show, we practiced a number of times with the full band. We have 8 members in Government Town so it gets pretty cozy. 

Street Photography

Team Retreat

The whole iQmetrix Platform Content Team came together in one city to do some strategic planning and to bond over a few drinks. I really enjoy working with this crew. I couldn't ask for a better group of people to grow my career with.

Tire Swap

The winter tires on Dustin's Impreza were long overdue for swapping out. It's always nice to visit Matt at Odd Man Out Performance shop, north of the city. 


iQmetrix hosted a friends and family open house to welcome loved ones to our new office. We had a few drinks and later treated Dustin's mom and sister to Famoso Pizzeria, downtown. 


As many times as you see Dustin in my photos, there is an equal amount of pictures he's taken of me (if not, more). It's interesting to see the photographer, behind the scenes. It's even more interesting to see the changes that can show in a person, even if it's just from one month to the next.

Dustin is my inspiration for creativity. He's so passionate about photography, he actually develops and prints his own film and, thankfully, he develops and scans my film, too!

Visit Dustin's portfolio to see more of his work.