September 2016

Weekend Sunrises and the touch of fall

I'm feeling more settled these days. We've lived in our apartment for almost two years, our sweet Felix is happy and healthy, people I love are generally healthy and happy and the seasons are changing. Having said goodbye to Britty nearly a month ago, I feel the falling leaves and fading summer colours reflect that nature is mourning her death with me. Fall really was her season. The orange/yellow leaves on the ground complemented her orange coat so well. Our big orange bear. I miss her so much.

Dustin and I woke up at 4:30am each day this weekend, having gone to bed earlier than most seniors. It feels great to get a good night's rest and wake up with the sun. I tried some double exposures with the PentaxK1000 and, since the exposures don't perfectly line up, it makes for some interesting and unexpected results on some of my pictures. I will always love shooting Provia. It is soft and gentle with a touch of cool. Perhaps I like to think of myself that way. 

FP4 and Fog

Dustin and I start work early in the mornings and, sometimes, we get lucky with beautiful sunrises or fog on our way to work. The cooler September mornings create a greater chance for morning fog and, one particular morning, we lucked out with dreamy fog and the sun cutting through the trees and fog, together.

Another morning, the sun didn't cut through so precisely and the fog settled on the water, bridge and cobwebs in a more ominous way. 

The Abandoned House

Dustin was second-shooter at a wedding in late August and was more-than-eager to take me to an abandoned home the bridal party had some of their pictures taken at. 

In the prairies, we don't have obvious, magnificent beauty like the mountains have to offer but we do have pockets of pleasure somehow hidden despite the flatness of our lands. 

This is one location we'll keep in our pockets for a while.

For a long time, Dustin has encouraged me to track my film. He uses an app to track the roll number he's on, where he shot, the date he started/finished, the film it was and the camera it was shot on. I typically use the Pentax K1000, exclusively, so tracking details felt like overkill.

In September, I shot the Hasselblad 500CM and also took the Canon AE-1 Program out for a spin. Having three cameras on the go was a bit overwhelming and I still haven't finished the roll in the Canon, but reviewing my pictures I realized how nicely the same films look when grouped together. 

I usually group my pictures based on where I shot them but, starting here, I am grouping based on camera and film. Who knows how long it will last. ;)

expired ilford FP4 - pentax k1000

expired Fuji provia 400 - pentax k1000

Fuji Provia 100F - hasselblad 500cm

Ilford delta 3200 pro - Hasselblad 500cm